Phenotype #0000000694

Individual ID 00001512
Associated disease CSS
Diagnosis/Initial -
Diagnosis/Definite CSS
Phenotype details brith 41w, weight SD -1; abnormal EEG; moderate learning disability; obsessions, flapping, fussy eater, difficulties socializing and making friends; brain-MRI mildly delayed myelination; unaffected siblings also have delayed dentition; MRI-brain Mildly delayed myelination. No other abnormality; myopia -5D (HP:0000545); divergent squint right eye; Needed grommets.; moderate speech delay (HP:0000750); moderate intellectual disability; autism spectrum disorder (HP:0000729); no anteverted nares (-HP:0000463); normal philtrum (-HP:0000288); no pectus excavatum (-HP:0000767); no small patella (-HP:0003065); no brachydactyly (-HP:000156);; no cone shaped epiphyses (-HP:0010579), no hypoplastic phalanges fingers/toes; no intestinal anomalies (-HP:0002242); no cardiac abnormality (-HP:0001627); no kidney abnormality (-HP:0000077); delayed permanent teeth (HP:0000696); no agenesis corpus callosum (-HP:0001274); astigmatism (HP:0000483), myopia (HP:0000545); strabismus (HP:0000486)
Inheritance Isolated (sporadic)
Age/Examination 11y10m (11 years, 10 months)
Age/Diagnosis -
Age/Onset -
Phenotype/Onset -
Protein -
Owner name Gijs Santen
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