Phenotype #0000000719

Individual ID 00001537
Associated disease CSS
Diagnosis/Initial -
Diagnosis/Definite CSS
Phenotype details brith 40w, weight SD 2.3; short neck, small teeth with gaps, hypopigmented patch, small hands and feet, long fingers, minor leg length discrepancy, no axilliary hair, constipation, high pain threshold; delayed visual maturation; generalized hypotonia; no eczema (-HP:0000964); no vascular skin abnormality (-HP:0011276); no seizures (-HP:0001250); no growth abnormality (-HP:0001507); no hearing loss (-HP:0000365); glue ear, sensitive to sounds; severe speech delay (HP:0000750); severe intellectual disability; anxiety (HP:0000739), autism (HP:0000717); normal scalp hair (-HP:0100037); normal eyebrow (-HP:0000534); long eyelashes (HP:0000527); delayed gross motor skills (HP:0002194), delayed fine motor skills (HP:0010862); no ptosis (-HP:0000520); choanal stenosis (HP:0000452); flat (depressed/low) nasal bridge (HP:0005280), no anteverted nares (-HP:0000463), thick alae (HP:0009928); normal philtrum (-HP:0000288); wide mouth (HP:0000154); no cleft palate (-HP:0000175); normal ears (-HP:0000598), no ear tags (-HP:0000384); hypertrichosis (HP:0000998); no wrinkling skin (-HP:0007392); scoliosis (HP:0002650); no pectus excavatum (-HP:0000767); no dislocated elbows (-HP:0003042); no small patella (-HP:0003065); no brachydactyly (-HP:000156); no small nails (-HP:0001792); markedly delayed bone age (HP:0003799), no prominent interphalangeal joints (-HP:0006237) , no prominent distal phalange, no cone shaped epiphyses (-HP:0010579), no hypoplastic phalanges fingers/toes; joint laxity (HP:0001388); no intestinal anomalies (-HP:0002242); no cardiac abnormality (-HP:0001627); recurrent infections (HP:0002719); MRI brain normal, no agenesis corpus callosum (-HP:0001274); umbilical hernia (HP:0001537); strabismus (HP:0000486), nystagmus (HP:0000639)
Inheritance Isolated (sporadic)
Age/Examination 17y (17 years)
Age/Diagnosis -
Age/Onset -
Phenotype/Onset -
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Owner name Gijs Santen
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