Phenotype #0000016202

Individual ID 00017849
Associated disease PRND
Phenotype details 33y-psychotic depression, clumsiness, balance/gait difficulties, required residential home support; 34y-increasing gait disturbances, spastic paraparesis with extrapyramidal features, dyspraxia,
urgency of micturition, short term memory difficulties, significant frontal lobe dysfunction; MRI moderate generalised atrophy; EEG non-specific changes; CSF slightly elevated S100, negative for 14-3-3 protein;mrapid cognitive decline with psychiatric disturbance, incontinence, leg spasms, cerebellar dysfunction; 43y-severly ill, bed bound, gastrotomy, requiring 24 hour nursing care, ...
Diagnosis/Initial -
Inheritance Isolated (sporadic)
Diagnosis/Definite -
Age/Examination 33y (33 years)
Age/Diagnosis -
Age/Onset -
Phenotype/Onset -
Protein -
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