Phenotype #0000053000

Individual ID 00073325
Associated disease KABUK2
Phenotype details not small for gestational age; no short stature; no microcephaly; large/dysplastic ears; long palpebral fissures; eversion lower eyelid; long, thick eyelashes; blue sclerae; arched eyebrows; lateral sparseness eyebrows; depressed nasal tip; short columella; no downslanting corners mouth; no cataracts; no strabismus; no cleft palate; high arched palate; no micrognathia; no selective tooth agenesis; no oligodontia; no supernumerary teeth; no dental crowding; no malocclusion; no dental caries; no prominent upper incisors; no brachydactyly of the fifth finger; clinodactyly fifth finger; no scoliosis; hip dysplasia; no joint laxity; foot deformity; no nail dystrophy; no thin temporal hair (infancy); no hypertrichosis; persistent fetal finger pads; intellectual disability; muscular hypotonia; feeding difficulties; no seizures; no hearing loss; no atrial/ventricular septal defect; no coarctation of aorta; no tetralogy of Fallot; no renal malformation; no renal malfunction; no anemia; no thrombocytopenia; no pancytopenia; no autoimmunity; no pulmonary infections; no frequent upper airway infections; recurrent otitis media in infancy; no immunodeficiency; no tumor; no leukemia; neonatal hypoglycemia; no obesity; no precocious puberty; no premature thelarche; juvenile idiopathic osteoarthritis
Diagnosis/Initial Kabuku syndrome
Inheritance Isolated (sporadic)
Diagnosis/Definite KABUK2
Age/Examination -
Age/Diagnosis -
Age/Onset 1d
Phenotype/Onset -
Protein -
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