Phenotype #0000155296

Individual ID 00207519
Associated disease SGBS2
Phenotype details Severe muscular hypotonia, contractures of the knees, elbows, and fingers, and lack of spontaneous movements. Dysmorphic with a high anterior hairline, bitemporal narrowing, a prominent metopic ridge with a midline naevus simplex, widely spaced eyes, a depressed nasal bridge, a short nose with anteverted nares, a prominent, fleshy philtrum, a wide mouth with thick vermilion of the lips, gingival overgrowth, a narrow V‐shaped palate without clefting, micrognathia with a vertical median chin crease, overfolded ear helices, a short webbed neck, widely spaced nipples, short distal phalanges of hands and feet with small nails, and a single transverse palmar crease of the right hand. Bilateral inguinal hernias, a small penis, and an atrial septal defect, type II with a left‐right shunt. Elevated ALP level.
Diagnosis/Initial -
Inheritance Familial, X-linked
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