Phenotype #0000155303

Individual ID 00207525
Associated disease HPMRS1;GPIBD2
Phenotype details Global DD. Tonic-clonic seizures. Strabismus (was surgically corrected). Coarse facial features (high hairlines, hypertelorism, epicanthal folds, horizontal nystagmus, depressed nasal bridge, delayed teeth eruption, everted and partially bifid lower lip, folded ears, and irregular hypopigmented skin margins surrounding the eyes and the nose.) Spastic lower limbs, bilateral brachydactyly, severe clinodactyly of both fifth fingers and toes and dry eczematous skin. High ALP level (454 U/L). No chest deformity or organomegaly.
Diagnosis/Initial -
Inheritance Familial, autosomal recessive
Diagnosis/Definite -
Age/Examination 00y04m (4 months)
Age/Diagnosis -
Age/Onset -
Phenotype/Onset -
Protein -
Owner name Philippe Campeau
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