Phenotype #0000229737

Individual ID 00302656
Associated disease OPA9
Phenotype details Astigmatism (HP:0000483); Visual impairment (HP:0000505); Myopia (HP:0000545); Color vision defect (HP:0000551); Visual loss (HP:0000572); Exotropia (HP:0000577); Amblyopia (HP:0000646); Optic atrophy (HP:0000648); Optic neuropathy (HP:0001138); Juvenile onset (HP:0003621); Hypoplasia of the optic tract (HP:0007096); Abnormality of optic chiasm morphology (HP:0025163); Abnormal best corrected visual acuity test (HP:0030534)
Diagnosis/Initial -
Inheritance Familial, autosomal recessive
Diagnosis/Definite -
Age/Examination 14y (14 years)
Age/Diagnosis -
Age/Onset -
Phenotype/Onset -
Protein -
Owner name Khadidja Guehlouz
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