Phenotypes for disease #05792 (virus (virus, susceptibility to))

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0000232794 susceptibility COVID-19 virus - 29y-COVID-19 infection admitted ICU, spiking fevers with shock, hypotension refractory to treatment with inotropic agents and corticosteroids, concurrent secondary bacterial infection, did not survive Familial, X-linked recessive 29y - 29y - Johan den Dunnen 00306976
0000232795 susceptibility COVID-19 virus - see paper; ..., COVID-19 infection dyspnea, hypoxia with computed tomographic diffuse bilateral ground-glass opacities lungs; history chronic nonallergic rhinosinusitis Familial, X-linked recessive 32y - 32y - Johan den Dunnen 00306975
0000232796 susceptibility COVID-19 virus - see pape; ..., COVID-19 infection computed tomographic scan lungs bilateral ground-glass opacities, consolidations, additional subtle subsegmental pulmonary embolisms, anticoagulants started; imminent respiratory insufficiency Familial, X-linked recessive 21y - 21y - Johan den Dunnen 00306977
0000232797 susceptibility COVID-19 virus - see pape; ..., severe COVID-19 infection admitted to ICU, intubated and mechanically ventilated for 9d, discharged to clinical ward after extubation Familial, X-linked recessive 23y - 23y - Johan den Dunnen 00306978
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