Variant #0000000052 (NC_000002.11:g.[218879593C>A;218879648_218879660delinsA])

Individual ID 00000052
Chromosome 2
Allele Parent #1
Affects function (as reported) Does not affect function
Affects function (by curator) Does not affect function
DNA change (genomic) (Relative to hg19 / GRCh37) g.[218879593C>A;218879648_218879660delinsA]
Marker/Name D2S1338
HGVS/Repeat g.218879582GGAA[17]GGCA[3]
Repeat GGAA[17]GGCA[3]
Published_as CE20-GGAA[17]GGCA[3]
Haplotype D2S1338-20[A-0-0-17-3]
dbSNP ID -
Reference vd Gaag, in press
DB-ID chr2_000020
Variant remarks -
Genetic origin Germline
Frequency -
Average frequency (gnomAD v.2.1.1) Genomic location of variant could not be determined
Owner Johan den Dunnen
Database submission license No license selected
Created by Johan den Dunnen

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0000000051 DNA SEQ - 2 Johan den Dunnen