Phenotype #0000000721

Individual ID 00001539
Associated disease CSS
Diagnosis/Initial -
Diagnosis/Definite CSS
Phenotype details brith 38w, weight SD -1; Slightly coarse. Puffy under eyes. Mother has optic disc coloboma and nystagmus (but no DD,LD or other health problems )so eye signs likely unrelated, 1st tooth at 1y; MRI-brain Normal (mega cisterna magna); Right optic disc coloboma and nystagmus(similar to mother); birth feeding problems; no seizures (-HP:0001250); undescended testes; severe speech delay (HP:0000750); moderate-severe intellectual disability; normal behaviour (-HP:0000708); anteverted nares (HP:0000463); normal philtrum (-HP:0000288); no pectus excavatum (-HP:0000767); brachydactyly (HP:000156);;; no intestinal anomalies (-HP:0002242); atrial septal defect; no kidney abnormality (-HP:0000077); no recurrent infections (-HP:0002719); no agenesis corpus callosum (-HP:0001274); coloboma (HP:0000589);
Inheritance Isolated (sporadic)
Age/Examination 01y (1 year)
Age/Diagnosis -
Age/Onset -
Phenotype/Onset -
Protein -
Owner name Gijs Santen
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